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Absolutely No Decorum!
Indefinable Affair [1/?] 
25th-Nov-2007 12:59 am
Glee - Dave - SideGrin
Title: Indefineable Affair
Author: kiakaha
Pairing(s): G/G ... and some Tom OC's and Bill OC's hinted or implied.
Rating: Will easily get to R18
Disclaimer: Not Real. Never Happened. Not Mine.
Warnings: At the moment NOTHING.. but theres a chance that may change
Summary: Georg is in Love with Gustav. Does Gustav know?
Author's notes This is a Series.. and yes i hope you like it. Please comment so i know that you like it.. if you dont comment there is a high chance i just wont post more XD

Also HUGE ammounts of HUGS to thesaltywench
Thanks for everything.
You have no idea how much you have helped me; MI was the reason i started writing again.

It had been a night of heavy drinking; and as Georg and Gustav had discovered, adding alcohol and a club full of attractive people to the mix made keeping their secret even harder.
The amount of times Gustav had wanted to lunge over the table and just kiss Georg into oblivion was too many to count; but what they had succeeded in was a fun and very thorough game of footsies under the table.
Well… almost succeeded in.

Georg slipped his shoes off under the table he was sharing with his band, and after flexing them a bit he found his target.
He hooked his socked foot under the bottom of his lover’s pants and tickled gently around his ankle; looking him in the eyes and smiling that ‘I want you to fuck me so hard tonight’ smile.
Gustav looked down at the table and blushed.
The bassist bought his foot higher bringing the jeans with him, still gently tickling up and down.

“What the fuck?” Bill all but yelled.
Everyone at the table looked at him.
“Who’s fondling my leg with their foot?”
Bill looked at everyone around the table, trying to work out who the guilty party was.

Georgs foot instantly stopped, his eyes going wide.


He raised his hand slowly.

“What?” Bill laughed.

Georg looked over at Gustav, and his face portrayed the one emotion he was feeling; confusion.

“Well if I score with you it would be a win-win,” Georg started.
He had no idea where he was going with this.

“How’d you figure that out?” Bill raised an eyebrow.

“Well, if I scored with you I would have the prettiness of a girl, and..and the pleasure from a guy.” Georg stopped quickly, realising what he had just said.

Bill just stared at him, his eyes wide; his face emotionless.

It was then that the entire table erupted in to laughter, even Gustav, much to the bassist’s relief.


20 minutes later the only people left at the table were a rather drunk Georg, and a very tipsy Gustav. Tom had been ‘assisted’ back to the hotel by Saki and Bill had just disappeared.
So they were all alone when Gustav leant over the table and clumsily kissed Georg on the cheek.
The bassist looked at him, a goofy grin plastered to his face, the look of love in his eyes.

“Let’s get out of here” Georg whispered, a drunken huskiness in his voice.
Gustav just winked.

They found themselves winding their way down the corridor in the hotel and Gustav was laughing at Georg’s inability to walk in a straight line.
Georg pointed at Bills door and they both pressed their ears to it trying to hear what was going on inside.

There was a low moan, which had obviously come from Bill.
“Oh god” Bill moaned again “Harder…harder” he panted desperately.
There was a slight yelp.

Georgs’ head spun to look at Gustav, a smirk spreading across his face

“Not…that…hard” Bill panted behind the door, a slight laugh in his voice which quickly turned into a moan.

Gustav looped his arm through Georg’s and pulled him away from Bill’s door and toward his own; being the more sober of the two, he got his key to work the first time.

The bassist leant against the wall, his smile never ending.
“It was meant to be you” Georg said cocking his head to the side.

Gustavs’ brow furrowed.

“What was?”

The door opened.
The drummer grabbed the older boys hand and pulled him inside

“You were sitting next to Bill” Georg chuckled lightly. “I thought it was your leg.”

Gustav smiled, kicking the door shut as he pulled Georg over to the bed.
He pushed him backwards. Then after straddling his lap Gustav cupped the other boy’s face and crashed his lips against the pair in front of him.

There was a slight groan at the abruptness and force of the contact.

Gustav broke the lip lock, pulling back to look at his lovers face that was still cupped in his hands.

“But I’m wearing shorts,” he laughed, before he leant in and kissed Georg again; only this time it was a soft roaming kiss.
He could taste the vodka that had absorbed itself into Georg’s tongue as he massaged it with his own.

Georg’s hands found the front of his lovers’ shorts and undid them with quick precision.
Gus broke the kiss with a deliciously slow noise; and looking deeply into Geo’s eyes, he nudged him. Geo got the message and moved back onto the bed as fast as a drunken bassist could.

Gustav pulled off his shorts and T-shirt and threw them vaguely in the direction of the chair.
He’d worry about that later.
Georg was more important now.
Georg was more important always.

Gustav straddled the other man again, reaching down and ghosting his fingers on the bare skin between Geo’s jeans and T-shirt.
Georg closed his eyes and squirmed slightly beneath him. Groaning deep within his throat.
Gustav worked his hands up the bassists’ chest bringing his T-shirt with him. He leant down and kissed a trail up from Georgs’ bellybutton, over his sculptured abs to the top of his chest, pausing only to pull the other mans T-shirt off and toss it aside.

He looked at the bassist, his own eyes sparkling with a cunning mischievousness. He crashed his lips against Georg’s; bringing their chests together, skin on skin.
The drummer licked Geo’s lips begging for entrance; the bassist was only too happy to comply.
Their tongues danced together; a comfortable dance, a happy familiar dance.
Gustav broke the kiss, laughing lightly as he felt Georg huff beneath him.

He started kissing softly down the other mans neck, pausing here and there to nip lightly before he returned to kissing again. He started down Georgs’ chest, instantly targeting the bassists’ nipple. He knew Georg appreciated it. He ran his tongue down, before circling it and biting lightly.
Georg bucked underneath him.
“Oh GOD” he moaned loudly. “Again or lower,” he grunted. “Again or lower.”
Georg felt the drummer’s breath laughing against his chest.
Gustav ran a trail down to the bassists’ bellybutton, and then circled it.

He bought his hands up to Georgs’ belt and pulled it open as he kissed his way down further.
He ceased the kissing in order to pull the other mans pants down, but got caught at an obstacle.


“Tonight is going great,” Gustav laughed; with an air of sarcasm.

He pulled his lovers shoes off and tossed them aside, his pants following immediately after.
He shimmied his way back up his lovers’ body accidentally bumping Georgs heavily bandaged knee.
A yelp escaped Geo’s mouth.

“Sorry!” Gustav mewed.

That had been the first and last time they had ever used a whip. One crack in the wrong direction had left Georg unable to walk for a week. Gustav still felt terrible about it.

Gustav straddled Georg for the 3rd time that evening; this time grinding down into the fabric covering his not so subtle hard on. Georgs’ hands flew up and grabbed the drummers’ waist, pulling him down harder on his erection.
“Oh fuck it,” Gustav groaned.

He rolled off the bassist and pulled off his own boxers in a flash, before he leant over and pulled Georg’s down, his engorged weapon springing free.
A grin grew across the blonde’s face.

He leant down and kissed Georg firmly on the mouth as he reached for his hands; lacing their fingers together before he rolled back onto him, their groans of approval blending together.


Georg rolled over and snuggled into… nothing.
He patted the bed a couple of times. It was cold.

How long have I been here alone?

He cracked an eye open.

“Gustav?” He sounded like a lost child.


“Gustav?” He voiced louder this time.

Still nothing.

He wanted to cry. Gustav never left him in the middle of the night. Gustav was always there when he woke up. Gustav was his centre; never changing.

He untangled himself from the covers and padded around to the other side of the bed.
For the first time that day a smile graced his face.

Gustav had laid all this clothes out on the ground and cut out a poster of Georg, placing it at the neckline.

It looked like some one had steam rolled Georg.

Laughing lightly he pulled his boxers on and headed for the adjoining bathroom.

Smile number two graced his face.

Gustav knew what the most important thing to him was, and therefore knew where to leave a note.
This note just happened to be tenting his straighteners.

Good morning sunshine the world says hello… and all that crap

Georg’s grin grew.

I tried to wake you earlier.
You told me to
“Take the baby and run”

So I did.
We are down eating breakfast.


P.S. You are such a pillow princess

He put the note down as he wiped his eyes; he was always so emotional in the morning. He started to get ready.


Georg walked into the breakfast hall; everybody was already there.
He circled past Gustav, dropping a note on him before taking the only seat left, next to Jost.

Gustav opened the note.

I am NOT a pillow princess!!

He snorted.

He looked up the other end of the table to where Georg was sitting. He screwed up the note and threw it, hitting the bassist on the cheek.

“Yes, you are.”
“No I’m not”
“You are”
“You ar-”

“He is what Gustav?” Jost interjected.

The G’s looked at each other. Gustav gulped

“…A loud snorer?”


It had been one hell of a day, and they boys had arranged to meet in the hotel bar for a “Relaxing after work drink,” as Tom had worded it.

After half an hour of ‘refreshing’ himself, Georg made his way down.

He was feeling happy, very happy and very confident as he re-checked his appearance in the mirrors that were covering the walls of the elevator. Only stopping once to re-straighten the right side with his hand.

It dinged and the doors opened.

He practically bounced down the hall to the bar. He was going to spend the night with Gustav, his Gustav again.

He stopped dead in his tracks as he walked into the bar, fear flooding over him.

Gustav was at the bar, attached to a beautiful redhead. Her hand was on his shoulder, his hand was in her waist, and they were kissing.

He backed slowly out of the door bumping into someone trying to get in. After muttering ‘sorry’ he walked speedily back to the lift.
It couldn’t arrive soon enough. It was an awkward ride up the fourteen stories with some business-like looking officials. Biting his lower lip to try and delay the tears; he got out and ran down the corridor.

He fumbled with his key card.



“Fucking work!” He screamed at the door, kicking it violently; tears freely running down his cheeks.


He opened the door quickly, and then slammed it behind himself.

Leaning against the door he crumpled to a heap on the floor, crying uncontrollably.

Gustav… Gustav…
25th-Nov-2007 01:12 am (UTC)
Ee thank you!

Chapter 2 coming sooon

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